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Legal Disclaimer

Although we do not share the member information with any person or institution, we would like to state that if authorized courts demand this information, will submit the requested information to the court.

Leaving membership or e-mail lists

In all the mechanisms included in our site, such as membership and e-mail lists, an option to “leave” is always included. When a visitor or a member informs us that he/she wishes to leave the e-mail list which he/she has subscribed, we carry out this demand without asking for a reason. Other than this, a form that allows the visitor to automatically leave our e-mails is always present on our main page. Any person using this form can leave the lists without having to inform us.

Our members are never supposed members of certain e-mail lists “automatically” or “by default”. Our forms and our methods rest on the basis that a member must be aware when subscribing to a list.


Our site includes a links section. Other than this, we publish links as advertisements and as recommendation. The links to outside of our site generally open in a new window.

As GreatestPoems.Com we do not assert that the sites we give link to comply with the rules for keeping the visitor information confidential. The whole responsibility with this respect is on the web site concerned. We therefore recommend our visitors visiting these sites, not to give information without making sure that this information will be kept confidential.

Communication Information

All questions and problems with respect to the information presented herewith can be sent us using the Contact Us page.